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MG-11 Carbine potato launcher
MG-11 Carbine potato launcher

MG-11 Carbine potato launcher

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The MG-11 Carbine is our entry level potato gun. It's smaller than the VX series guns but don't be fooled by its size. It can put a potato downrange, up to 125+ yards, with some serious velocity!

Powered by a flammable aerosol spray, this gun is a great bang for the buck. Features include a breech loading barrel (no ramrod necessary), electronic ignition and quick fueling. The MG-11 Carbine comes ready to shoot.

NOTE: This gun is not designed to launch tennis balls.

Load a Potato

Quick and Easy Fueling

Shoulder Fire

The MG-11 is really easy to use. Just load the potato, fuel with the aerosol spray for 5-7 seconds, screw on the rear cap and you're ready to fire!

The MG-11 Carbine potato gun includes:

  • Powerful 175 cubic inch pressure rated combustion chamber
  • 1.5" x 30" breech loading potato barrel (no ramrod necessary)
  • Ergonomic trigger grip w/ reliable electronic ignition
  • Spud cutter integrated into the barrel for fast loading
  • Fuel canister (hair spray - enough for 40+ shots)
  • Additional fuel is inexpensive and widely available
  • Hot candy apple red paint job
  • User’s instruction manual
  • Comes ready to shoot (you supply the potatoes)!
  • Highest quality and made in the U.S.A.

See the Cool Accessories page for gun upgrades!


Projectile speed: Up to 300 mph (440 fps)
Range: 125+ yards
Overall Length: 53" with potato barrel
(the gun breaks down for easy transport & storage)
Weight: approximately 6.5 lbs

NOTE: For proper ignition the potato gun and propellant should be at room temperature (65 to 85 degrees). If you store the gun & propellant in a hot/cold place, bring it inside and let it reach room temperature before shooting.

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