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What is a breech loading barrel?

Our unique breech loading barrel allows you to load the potato without having to use a ramrod to push the potato down the barrel from the muzzle end (the front end of the barrel). To load, simply unscrew the barrel or open the quick release and remove the barrel. Load your potato at the rear end of the barrel with the help of the integrated spud cutter. Then reattach the barrel to the launcher. It’s quick, easy and now you’re ready to fuel and fire.

Which fuel is better-Aerosol or MAPP gas?

The MG-11 Carbine and VX-1 Stinger use aerosol fuel while the VX-2 Stryker and VX-3 Sabre use MAPP gas fuel. The aerosol fuel is AquaNet hairspray which is highly flammable and produces considerable chamber pressure when ignited, with shots up to 150+ yards. It’s inexpensive and readily available. The downside is you have to handle a can of aerosol spray each time you fuel the gun. The alternative is MAPP gas. It is a mixture of propane/acetylene that burns very quickly and produces higher chamber pressure. This results in a longer shot, up to 200+ yards and the MAPP fuel is integrated into the gun so you don’t have to handle the compact fuel cylinder. The downside is it costs a little more per shot.

I think I like the MAPP fuel launchers. What's the main difference in the VX-2 Stryker and VX-3 Sabre?

The Fueling Systems - The VX-3 has a fuel injection system that precisely meters the fuel and allows for fueling in under 10 seconds. The VX-2 uses a steady flow fuel system that takes about 30 seconds (timer included on the gun) to complete. Both systems have integrated fuel canisters (MAPP gas) so you don’t have to handle the canister as well as reduced misfires over the hair spray fuel & screw-on cap design.

The Configuration – The VX-3 is shorter and a bit more maneuverable, because of the over/under design. It also comes standard with two quick release barrels (potato, tennis ball). The VX-2 is 23” longer. You will prop the gun on your shoulder to fire, like a bazooka, and the three quick release barrels (potato, tennis ball, golf ball) are optional @ $59.00 each.

Both guns have the internal chamber fan that ramps up the power and shoots up to 200+ yds. The fan also makes it quick and easy to clear the chamber with fresh air after a shot.

The VX-3 has a quick activated purge valve to clear the combustion chamber and allow in fresh air for the next shot. The VX-2’s combustion chamber is cleared by removing the rear cap by screwing it off by hand. Both guns make use of the internal chamber fan to clear the spent fuel.

Can kids shoot these guns safely?

Adult supervision is required at all times. These potato guns fire a projectile up to 400 mph with a range of 200+ yards and can cause serious injury or death. DO NOT point or shoot at people or animals. THIS IS NOT A TOY. FOR ADULT USE ONLY.

Do I need hearing protection when shooting my potato gun?

Our potato/ball launchers are combustion guns and will produce a pretty loud BANG when fired. Similar to a shotgun but not quite as loud. Most people don’t worry about ear plugs but it is a personal choice. If you’re concerned about it - soft, spongy plugs are inexpensive and effective.

Are potato guns legal to shoot where I live and who can buy them?

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a potato gun. If you are under 18 years of age, please, do not attempt to order one. It is the buyers responsibility to check with their local Law Ordinance for the use and possession of these products. If these devices are not legal in your county, country, providence or state, please, do not buy them.

If I have questions, where can I get some help?

If you have any questions about or need help with your potato gun purchase please contact customer service by emailing us at